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There are many bail bond agent companies that can help you to post bail; what sets A1 Peterson Bail Bond Agency of Rochester apart is our over 40 years of experience in the field. We're native to the Rochester, New York area, which means you can rest assured that when you put up your collateral and sign the paperwork you are in good hands. Our agents are familiar with the region, and are happy to act as a connection to get yourself, your friend, or your family member out of jail.

Mission Statement

Being a Black American with lifelong ties with the Rochester community and having served within various areas of the legal, religious and social communities gives me a distinct advantage to relate to and communicate with and understand problems and issues that people have and continue to trust me with for over 40 years.

Many of those individuals looking for my help are from lower to middle income families of all races. Often times these families feel ignored by part of the legal system, including some bail bond agents who simply will not be honest in telling potential clients the truth in if the agent can or will be able to help them. Often these agents who ignore potential clients simply don't care, well I do care and it's been my reputation to help those that I can, and if I can't then I believe that you at least deserve the courtesy to know why if you want to know. This has been my belief for my 40 plus years in giving you my services. Having honest and strong principles and a dedication to helping you is what I strive to do.

David Peterson, Bail Bond Agent


Open Door of Jail Cell

Bail Services

Our company is licensed to serve the entire state of New York with a focus on Western New York. We offer the services of experienced bail bond agents in court-related and jail release matters. Typically, we work with the family or friends of the individual who has been placed in jail. If you need to get someone out in a hurry, contact us today.

When trying to release your loved one, each person must go through a very short process. Paperwork must be filled out in order to secure their release. All bail bond fees are set by the state of New York. We will always respond to your inquiries in a prompt and professional manner. Our founder has a degree in criminal justice, is a retired police officer, and has worked as a private investigator for 20 years. This level of experience is very rare in the industry, and distinguishes us from similar agencies. This business is licensed by the New York State Department of Financial Services.